Tesla EV chargers now available in South Africa for R11,000


While most of South Africa faces intermittent blackouts, some may see the value in investing in an electric vehicle. If they do, however, they’d be happy to know the Tesla Wall Connector is now available in South Africa. 

EVs are by no means accessible to the wider market yet, especially in SA where only a handful of premium car brands tend to bring in their electric offerings. But as charging facilities become more prevalent, we’ll likely see more EVs turning up. 

Tesla making sure you are topped up

Tesla’s EV charging station for homes, called the Tesla Wall Connector, is now available via a third-party distributor in South Africa. According to MyBroadband, which spoke to distributor Rubicon, it currently retails for around R11,000. 

Its marketing material mentions that the Wall Connector is easily installed inside or outside a home, and will add up to 71km range in one hour’s charge. It also offers a variety of power settings, is compatible with different voltages, and includes a charging cable up to a whopping 7.3m if you opt for it. 

Users can also charge multiple cars simultaneously via a feature called power-share. It’s compatible with a variety of EVs already sold in South Africa, including the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Obviously. 

In addition, it features a 32 amp max output, will connect to 400V three-phase wye, 230V three-phase delta and 230V single-phase wye grid types. It’s also equipped with 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity and some built-in safety features. Y’know, so it doesn’t burn your house down. 

If you’re the lucky owner of an EV like the Jaguar I-Pace or the BMW i3 or i8, the Tesla Wall Connector may be a good addition to your home. Pair it with the Tesla Powerwall and you’ll even have ‘electric petrol’ when load shedding hits. 


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