Jabra announces its new Elite trio: the Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and the Elite 3


Jabra Elite TrioIt wasn’t long ago that we saw audio specialist Jabra revealing new earbuds with a slant in a more medical direction, but now the company’s also got three new Elite in-ear buds heading to market for those who don’t have any particular need beyond wanting some excellent audio.

There are two headliners incoming, the Elite 7 Pro, the Elite 7 Active and then the Elite 3, which is a slightly more budget version of the ‘buds. Because everyone should have a decent set of wireless in-ears, you know?

Jabra looks beyond the elite

The Elite 7 Pro are the company’s newest headliners, compact in-ears with a lengthy battery life and active noise cancellation (ANC). Big whoop, really — everyone seems to have compact in-ears with a decent battery and ANC. The Elite 7 Pro works for longer than most, though. Jabra claims nine hours of uptime with noise cancellation, and eleven hours with it turned off. That works out to up to 35 hours of battery (ANC on) and 42 hours (ANC off) when you account for the battery capacity in the case.

The buds themselves are some 16% smaller than the Elite 75t and the design is apparently the result of more than 62,000 ear scans, along with a new EarGel that’s supposed to deliver a better fit for wearers. The Jabra Sound+ app allows users to set their levels of noise cancellation as well as how much of the world they’ll let in using the company’s HearThrough tech.

The Elite 7 Active, obviously, is the slightly more rugged version of the headliner, but they’ll both feature an IP57 rating. The 7 Active is made from a new material called ShakeGrip, which… lets you shake your head and keep your buds in, we guess? But, at least for now, they’re not turning up in South Africa.

Elite for everybody

The Jabra Elite 3 in-ears are the company’s more-or-less budget in-ears. They’re also a compact set of in-ears, with about seven hours of battery per charge (and three charges in the case), an IP55 rating and access to the Sound+ app. There’s no active noise cancellation here, but there’s passive noise cancellation and the company’s also included its HearThrough tech in these in-ears, so you can avoid incoming traffic from the rear, whether you’re out on the road or sitting in the office.

But the star of the show here is the price. The Elite 3 in-ears are launching soon, at an $80 price-point. On the other side of the page, the Elite 7 Pro and the Elite 7 Active will cost $200 (R3,000) and $180 (R2,600) respectively when they launch in October. Local launch and pricing will take a little longer but expect them to cost a bit more than they will if you buy them with American money.

UPDATE: The Jabra Elite 3 is available in SA from today, and a pair will set you back R1,600.


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