Watch the old Pokémon gang for free on your Nintendo Switch


Whether you grew up watching Pokémon or not, the series and its critters have become part of global popular culture in the past decade. Now might be the time to pick it up, if you fall into the latter category. Especially if you own a Nintendo Switch console — because the Pokémon TV app has become available on the whole range. 

In addition to the Pokémon content available through the app (which is already available on phones and smart TVs), the Switch version includes a bunch of extra videos and other content. 

Pokémon is home

While you stare at your Switch display, patiently waiting for the new Pokémon Unite MOBA and the upcoming open-world Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, why not brush up on your Pokémon lore. The app includes seven full series of anime, videos for tips on the world’s games, competitive broadcasts of said games, and content aimed at younger viewers in a dedicated ‘Junior’ category. 

According to TechRadar, the app doesn’t feature every episode of every season of anime, but it does host the earliest and the latest seasons. This includes some of the films, which make their way to the platform for limited amounts of time. 

While the Switch’s 720p display isn’t particularly well-suited for consuming content, you won’t miss out as the content isn’t known for its high-res graphics. You can also dock the console to a TV for a larger display area, or wait for the 1080p OLED Switch coming soonish. 

Source: Pokémon blog via TechRadar


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