Spotify is set to become the new home for all of the WWE’s podcasts


No matter how you feel about the WWE, there’s no question that they’re super keen to jump on new tech as it arrives. Spotify and World Wrestling Entertainment are teaming up to supply the world with all of the WWE’s podcasts, a partnership that’s the result of Spotify’s recent acquisition of The Ringer.

It’s Spotify, with the announce table!

The move should prove quite the shot in the arm for Spotify’s podcast ambitions — WWE fans tend to be a little rabid and the streaming service’s podcast exclusivity in that industry should draw in a fair number of its close-to-a-billion social media followers.

The Ringer has already started on its side of the bargain, attending Summer Slam 2021 in Las Vegas this past weekend to record the first episodes of The Ringer Wrestling Show (which was previously known as The Masked Man Show.) Original content is also planned — one show, MackManiahas been announced with WWE personality Evan Mack at the helm.

Spotify Greenroom will be utilised for live broadcasts after the WWE’s major pay-per-view events, with some of that content making it into podcast form. Existing WWE podcasts are due to become exclusive to the streaming platform as well.

Bill Simmons, the founder of The Ringer, said, “The Ringer is the premier destination for sports fandom, and WWE has used amazing storytelling and iconic characters to establish a global audience of loyal and passionate fans, making this partnership a perfect match.”

WWE president Nick Kahn added, “We believe this collaboration will deliver a podcast slate that excites existing fans while also introducing WWE content to the millions of Spotify listeners.”


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