Instagram is testing a message telling its users about a little website called Facebook


Instagram FacebookYou know which website people on this planet don’t pay enough attention to? Facebook. At least, that’s what the folks at Instagram seem to think. The Facebook-owned platform, which is more about video these days than anything else, may be taking a little too much attention from Zuckerberg’s main event — Insta is testing a message pointing its users over to Facebook.

Instagram is where the cool kids are

According to Engadget, a Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re testing a way to let people who have connected their Instagram accounts to Facebook know about features only available there, such as how to find a job, date online, buy and sell goods, or catch up on the latest news.”

But you’re not likely to see the notification yourself. The company is testing “a very small group” of users who have previously linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts, according to the company. The message doesn’t persist, so you can just dismiss it and be done with it if you do see it on your app.

The ‘why’ of it all isn’t certain, but Zuckerberg has been pushing to make Facebook’s three main platforms — the social network itself, Insta and WhatsApp — more or less interchangeable. This message could just be the latest move to get users thinking that it’s all the same thing. Engadget also points out that Zuckerberg was, according to a recently published book, worried that Instagram might cannibalise users from Facebook itself. It’s possible that this is taking place and the company wants more attention directed back to the mothership.


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