We know you want to watch a billionaire space race, here’s how


In case you missed it, the billionaires are at it again. Earlier this year, Jeff Bezos announced that he will be flying up to the edge of the atmosphere because, well, he can. So we once again have a valid reason for bringing this deepfake video of him and Elon Musk facing off as Star Trek characters.

Shortly after that, and not to be outdone by the fact that he doesn’t have a cool deepfake video, Richard Branson (70) quickly announced that he was going first because he can too… but sooner.

We’re not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that, you know, he’s running out of time or Bezos is worth 40 times as much. It’s more likely that Virgin Galactic has been trying to achieve this for the last nearly 16 years, so, for Branson the sooner the better.

How to get in on this billionaire Virgin Galactic action

If you’re interested in watching an old rich man fly to the edge of space, hey, we won’t judge. You can head over to their website and wait patiently until 3 pm when the stream is scheduled to start.

The other space billionaire, Bezos, is scheduled to take off on 20 July. More news on where to watch that will follow when we know.


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