LG pulls a ‘good guy’ move – updates some TVs for free, unlocking features


You had us with ‘free’. If you’re the owner of an LG C1 or G1 OLED TV then we’ve got some good news. LG will be releasing firmware update 03.15.27 for those TVs along with some other premium models in their 2021 lineup. This update will press together the fingers of Dolby Vision HDR and the 4K 120Hz standard to give you Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120Hz. Fusion-ha!

In a press release, LG confirmed they are the first TV manufacturer to support Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120Hz on some of its models. With the inclusion of the technology in Microsoft’s Xbox Series S|X consoles, owners of either console and a supported LG TV will be able to revel in the deep, rich colours of Dolby Vision HDR across the 8 million or so pixels all updating 120 times per second. The future is now.

LG goes on to say:

“Additional premium models in LG’s 2021 TV lineup such as OLED Z1 series, QNED Mini LED QNED99 series and NanoCell NANO99 series TVs will also receive the update in July. Additional 2021 and 2020 TV models are also being tested for Dolby Vision gaming in either 60Hz or 120Hz.”

They don’t mention anything about TV models from 2019 or earlier though, so keep that in mind.

The firmware update will also provide supported TV owners with Game Dashboard, a new floating overlay that will display what settings are currently enabled and allow users to switch between presets on the fly.

Any LG TV-owning Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120Hz gamers in the chat?

Now, we just need to wait for Dolby Vision HDR-optimised games to release. According to TechRadar some games, namely Borderlands 3Gears 5Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Wreckfest natively support Dolby Vision HDR and look all the better with it enabled. Hopefully, we’ll see wider adoption soon now that we have the TVs to support it.


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