Cyberattackers lurk everywhere, including inside the O.MG, a seemingly normal charge/transfer cable


Nothing makes you want to give up on technology more than learning that some too-smart-for-their-own-good folks have found yet another way to gain access to your electronic devices. And that’s exactly what we have here with the O.MG cable, a seemingly harmless device that has serious implications for your security. Let us explain.

A security researcher who goes by MG has modified legitimate Apple Lightning cables to allow them to gain access to your device. His cables — which are all made by hand in his kitchen — contain everything a normal Lightning cable would, as well as an extra implant. These extra components are what give an attacker access to your device.

O.MG, really?

The O.MG cable comes loaded with a variety of scripts and commands an attacker can run once you’ve plugged it. For example, they could lock you out then record your password when you try to log back in. The cable also has a ‘kill switch’ built  into the implant, allowing an attacker to hide their tracks somewhat.

MG spoke to a Vice representative at DEFCON, an underground (not literally, it’s usually held at a hotel) hacking conference. “It looks like a legitimate cable and works just like one. Not even your computer will notice a difference. Until I, as an attacker, wirelessly take control of the cable.”

He added, “Apple cables are simply the most difficult to do this to, so if I can successfully implant one of these, then I can usually do it to other cables.”

You see? There’s no reason to fear your own cables, but don’t leave MG in your kitchen alone with them for very long. Maybe think twice about using a cable if you can’t verify from where it came. If they come from this website, for example, maybe be a little afraid. O.MG is out there, somewhere.

Source: Vice


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