Microsoft keeps its promise, reveals Xbox Series X mini fridge


If you take a look at the Xbox Series X and think to yourself “Hey, this kind of looks like a fridge,” then you aren’t alone. Most of the internet had the same thought back when the console was announced. Microsoft even took to Twitter to assure fans that the Series X will indeed be smaller than an actual fridge.

Fast forward a bit to March of this year where Xbox and Skittles (of all companies) were the finalists of a Twitter competition to crown the best brand on the platform called “Best of Tweets Brand Bracket“. Xbox narrowly beat Skittles with 50.5% of the votes. To secure that victory the company promised that, should they win, they would make the Series X fridge meme a reality and put a mini version into production.

Xbox and chill

Microsoft released the mini-fridge world premiere to wrap up its E3 2021 showcase. Microsoft is calling this “the worlds most powerful fridge” and they may be right, who knows. What we do know is that there aren’t many fridges using what Microsoft is calling “Xbox velocity cooling architecture” and, while that might not mean anything, it does sound very…cool.

Source: The Verge


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