Google has a folding Pixel in the works, and may be ready to reveal it soon


We’ve said it a hundred times now, but folding smartphones are all the rage at the moment, so naturally every phone maker needs to have their own version. Google has reportedly had a folding Pixel in the oven for a while now, and might be ready to show it off later this year.

Google folds

Google confirmed back in 2019 to CNET that it was developing prototype tech for a folding Pixel for a while already, but that nothing was ready for official announcements at the time. Back in August of last year leaks surfaced surrounding a device called ‘Passport’ that was explicitly referred to as “foldable” with a “Q4 2021” label seeming to indicate a possible release date, or at least a reveal. Now, new information has revealed that a foldable Pixel will probably enter production in October this year.

The leaks come by way of The Elec, which tends to be in the know about these kinds of things. The site claims that Samsung Display will begin producing folding OLED displays for several companies later this year, including Google, specifically in October.

Samsung Display being the producer isn’t entirely unexpected. The South Korean company is already set to deliver RFPCB AMOLED to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 line, and has been developing various iterations of foldable phone tech that could definitely be shipped off to other smartphone brands. What this new info does possibly hint at is a reveal date for a folding Pixel.

Google usually announces its new hardware at the beginning of Q4, in October. With production set to begin at the same time, it’s more than fair to assume that we could see an announcement and teaser alongside it. Take that with a grain of salt though, because it is still speculation at this point.

Source: 9to5Google


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