FNB to help its pensioner customers register for COVID vaccine


The second phase of South Africa’s vaccine rollout is well underway, and the government has asked businesses (through Business for South Africa’s appeal) to help get employees and customers registered through its official portal. First National Bank (FNB) has responded by announcing it will help pensioner customers (over the age of 60) through the registration process.

FNB fighting the good fight

Registering through the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) is the only way to lawfully acquire a COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa. Phase 2 of the rollout is arguably the most important, aimed at SA’s elderly population who are most susceptible to the virus. 

Any qualifying elderly FNB customers who plan to register on the government portal, but can’t quite navigate the technical paths, can get some help through their bank. All 600 of its South African branches are equipped to help any qualifying person register for their vaccine. 

“As a corporate citizen, we have a responsibility to help efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. While vaccination remains a voluntary choice, we believe that vaccination coupled with strict adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols is key to minimising the impact of this pandemic. We urge our elderly customers who choose to register via an FNB branch to wear a mask and follow safety protocols,” said Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence.


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