In This Issue – The Outdoor Adventure (June-July 2021) Issue


Stuff June-July 2021It feels like it’s barely been a few days since the last new issue of Stuff Magazine was released and here were are again. It’s Stuff‘s June-July 2021 issue, on shelves both physical and digital, and what an issue it is. Though it’s awfully cold outside, there are two ways to handle it. Either you can stay inside, wrapped in blankets and not moving much (pity Eskom’s made sure your heater is largely useless), or you can head outdoors and trade frost for sweat. We’ve got an issue packed with ways you can burn calories while staying distant from other humans, like a responsible person. 

But sometimes that’s the last activity you have on your mind. You’ll notice that our first thought was staying inside where it’s warm and, if you’re doing that, you might well want to give yourself something to do. The great thing about Lego is that it doesn’t use batteries, it’s loads of fun and missing pieces are easily found in the dark. Perhaps not pleasantly found, but that’s life with Lego. The June-July 2021 Stuff Magazine, in addition to suggesting outdoor activities (and the tech you need to take along) also collects the biggest and bestest Lego sets you can assemble while sitting somewhere warm with the family. And if your family is nice, maybe they can even play too.

Maybe you’re a fan of solo activity instead? In that case, you’re sure to get a kick out our mini-group-test of three micro guitar amps. No more rocking the neighbours out of bed with one of these babies plugged into your axe — just sweet, sweet noise sent right from guitar to headphones, with varying distortion effects added along the way. Whether Fender, Boss or the budget Blackstar are more your speed, there’s a price and a feature-set for every guitarist out there.

In the event that you’re less fond of DIY tunes, we’ve also got the brand new Sonos Roam extensively tested in the June-July 2021 issue of Stuff. The portable Sonos Move may have come first but it’s got the sort of size (and price) that makes you want to leave it at home. The Roam is the audio specialist’s smallest speaker to date, so why doesn’t it sound like it? Find out just how good a portable Bluetooth speaker can sound in the current issue of Stuff Magazine.

As usual, we’ve only listed a tiny fraction of what’s available in the June-July 2021 issue of the magazine. If you want to find out what’s in store, you can grab a copy at your nearest store or at Stuff‘s very own online store. Expect loads of tested tech, from electric skateboards to affordable smartphones to not-affordable-at-all cameras, as well as ways to make your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and smartphone photography better, a look back at voice assistants and a drone you fly with your face. It’s always a good time to get your hands on Stuff Magazine. Get yours today. 


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