In This Issue – The Smart Home (April/May 2021) Issue


Popular fiction promised us homes that respond to our every command. In this issue of Stuff Magazine, we help you to move closer than ever to that futuristic ideal, without the need for a contractor to rewire your entire house. Be sure to check out our cover feature to see all the gear and gadgets you can install today to make your living space more responsive to your needs.  It’s not quite Tony Stark’s JARVIS-powered pad but it’ll do until resident AI and automated… everything comes along. 

If there’s one piece of tech you need to own (not counting a smartphone) it’s a laptop computer. We’re not the ones saying that either, that’s the word according to just about every job ever. But a notebook isn’t just about work, they’re also all about play. Because a thing can be two things, Brad. Whatever, what you need to know is that the April-May 2021 issue of Stuff Magazine includes the laptop computers you should be looking at — whether you’re on a budget or want something gaming-capable, we’ve covered all your bases.

Look, they always say you get what you pay for. If that’s the case, you’re probably getting an awful lot for your almost-R80,000 — which is the price of entry for the Leica SL2-S. Does this slab of German camera hardware justify the absolutely bonkers cost you’ve got to pay? You’ll find out in this issue of SA’s best technology magazine. Just one thing to note — the Leica SL2-S isn’t the most expensive camera we’ve featured in this issue. That prize goes to Sony’s R130,000 Alpha 1, which includes autofocus that can track bird’s eyes. Awesome, right?

Xiaomi’s making some pretty excellent tech these days, now that there’s a little less competition in the global market. The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the current pinnacle of the company’s smartphone hardware, sporting the best Qualcomm processor you’ll buy this year, a humongous 108MP main sensor that’s got a few tricks up its sleeve and a stylishly-understated design. Plus, you know, all the usual bells and whistles. It’ll be a short while before the Mi 11 drops here in South Africa — this is what you need to know when it arrives.

There’s more. Much, much more. We’ve got the best TVs you can expect from 2021, some excellent budget smartphones, reviews of everything from smaller soundbars to stabilised binoculars to bakkies and AR-enabled Lego. There’s also a series of methods for you to level up your Zoom usages, games you can design yourself, tech for wellness, and a whole lot more besides. Get your copy of Stuff Magazine today. Or any time in the next few weeks, really. But today is better. 


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