The very first Lego Con will take the form of a 90-minute stream


If you’re a Lego fan — and let’s face it, if you’re not, there’s something wrong with you — you’ll be thrilled to hear that 2021 will see the first Lego Con take place, this month on 26th June at 18h00 local time.

As one would expect in this day and age — thanks to the COVID-19 virus — the Con will take the form of a livestream. But in this case, it’s a whopping 90-minute livestream that you can view on the company’s official website.

Lego fans rejoice!

To be honest, we’re kind of perplexed that it’s taken this long for the House of Brick to hold its own convention. After all, it’s increased its appeal in leaps and bounds over recent years, making sets for everything from Star Wars, to Harry Potter, to Pirates Of The Caribbean, to Friends, to Stranger Things, to the Big Bang Theory and more. Hell, they even launched a Nesquik partnership once upon a time.

“Join us for an afternoon of live entertainment and be the first to know about what’s new with us as we unveil new sets and take you behind-the-scenes at Lego House. Connect with your friends, special guests and each other for a 90-minute action-packed line-up,” the site reads.

So mark your calendars and get something to keep your hands busy.


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