Samsung announces call-out repair service for smartphones in South Africa


It’s a well-known fact at this point that modern smartphones are slippery. For example, as gorgeous, smooth, and bezel-free as Samsung’s S21 is, it really does handle like a wet bar of soap coated in grease when you’ve got it in your hands, thanks to the glass front in back. Accidents happen, and not everyone has the time to go to their local repair centre when they do, so Samsung is rolling out a new door-to-door smartphone repair service in South Africa.

Samsung’s at your service

“Samsung’s new ‘Door to Door’ service offers South Africans a convenient, hassle-free smartphone repair service. The newly launched service for Samsung customers who require a smartphone repair, provides another option to visiting a customer care centre,” reads a press release.

It goes on to explain how many customers often can’t find the time to up and go to the repair centre in the middle of the day while balancing work and home commitments. If you’ve got a job or school, you’ll likely understand how much of an admin hassle it is to try and organise something like that during office hours.

The door to door service is also particularly useful for people still uncomfortable with venturing into unknown territory while the pandemic goes on. Bonus points for that. The service accommodates customers within 40km of a customer care centre.

Here’s how the whole process works. You can pick your service options here, and then Samsung will organise a collection time that fits your schedule. You’ll pay R330 for both pickup and return. Someone will arrive to grab your busted device and from then it’s (literally) out of your hands.

You can check your repair progress online, and you’ll be notified when it’s done. You’ll organise when the phone is returned to you, and it will be sanitised and packaged in front of you, because COVID.

“As Samsung, we’re continuously searching for new ways to make life easier. We therefore listened to the needs of our customers and created a first-of-its-kind service in the country,” said a spokesperson.

Here’s a handy list of which devices this service is applicable to:

Smartphones – Galaxy Z (all models), Galaxy S (all models), Galaxy Note 20 5G, Galaxy Note (all models), Galaxy A (all models), Galaxy J (all models)

Tablets –  Galaxy Tab S (all models), Galaxy Tab A (all models), Galaxy Tab Active (all models)

Watches – Galaxy Watch (all models), Galaxy Watch Active (all models), Galaxy Fit (all models)

Buds – Galaxy Buds (all models)



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