Xiaomi reveals new HyperCharge tech that can fully charge a phone in 8 minutes


Xiaomi’s always challenging itself to improve the way and speed at which you can charge its phones, whether it be through upgraded but familiar fast-charge chargers or room-wide wireless air-charging tech. The Chinese tech-maker has once again outdone itself, revealing two new “HyperCharge” solutions. One is a 200W wired charger, and the other is a 120W wireless one.

Xiaomi’s charging in at breakneck speeds

Xiaomi introduced the new kit via a tweet, as well as a neat little clip on YouTube demonstrating the power of HyperCharge. According to the video, the 200W wired version can pump up a flat phone battery (of around 4,000mAh) to completely full in a mere 8 minutes. This already makes it the perfect charging solution for those of us who tend to forget to plug our phones overnight and only realise our mistakes just before heading out for the day.

The wireless solution is slightly slower, at 120W, but can apparently still fully juice up your handheld in around 15 minutes sans cables.


The demo video (which makes use of Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Pro cellphone) highlights some interesting details of the fast-charging process. On the wired charger, the battery jumps up by 10% in only 44 seconds, and 50% in 3 minutes. On wireless, the same levels of charge are achieved in 1 minute and 7 minutes respectively. What we glean from this is that while this HyperCharge tech is undoubtedly remarkably convenient for a full charge, it could  be even more useful as a brief pit-stop top-up for your phone when it just needs a small boost to reach 100% again.

Xiaomi has neither confirmed a commercial release date yet, nor has it provided much more detail on the tech outside of its video and tweet. We’d be really interested to know what effect this wattage has on battery temperature and overall health. But we’ll just have to wait and see if we can get our hands on the kit when it comes out.


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