Dying Light 2 is coming this December


Dying Light 2, the sequel to Techland’s open world zombie action game, will launch this year on 7th December 2021.

The developer made the announcement during a livestream reveal yesterday called Dying 2 Know, saying the game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PCs.

This will be great news to fans of the first game, since Dying Light 2 Stay Human (to give it its full title) has been in development hell for years – it was first announced at Xbox’s E3 showcase back in 2018.

Dying Light 2: zombies for the holiday season

The game is set around 20 years after the the first instalment in the series and things have gotten worse since then.

Over 98% of the population is now infected and the remnants of human kind have basically pulled back to a huge urban conurbation called The City. Players take on the role of the game’s protagonist Aiden Caldwell who is searching for his family.

The above reveal shows off all of that and more, and while we could go into more detail here, it’s probably easier – and better – to just hit play on the reveal. Remember, showing is better than telling.


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