Nintendo’s upgraded Switch might arrive by September


Though the internet collectively is still waiting on yet to be announced “Super Switch” or “Switch Pro” console, Nintendo has confirmed that an upgraded version of the current handheld has been in the works. Said upgraded console may hit shelves in September this year, reports Bloomberg.

Switch-ing on production

According to Bloomberg, “people familiar with the matter” have revealed the new version of the console’s production and release date. Assemblers will apparently begin shipping the new models as early as July, though products could only be available to consumers by September or October. Production is said to peak sometime in Q4 of this year, just in time for the holiday season.

It’s speculated that the console may be announced before this year’s E3 conference (which is set to be entirely online, by the way). This makes sense. Publishers would obviously like to put their best feet forward when showcasing their upcoming titles, so it’s in Nintendo’s best interests to provide them with the beefier hardware to do so.

The upgraded Switch is boosting both its display and chip offerings, with a 7in OLED display (made by Samsung) and a more impressive chipset built by Nvidia capable of putting out 4K resolutions in the console’s docked mode.

It’s almost a necessary move from Nintendo. The original Switch is over 4 years old now, and has a whole new generation of consoles to compete with. And while Bloomberg reports that Nintendo’s suppliers and manufacturers are confident in their ability to keep up with consumer demand, the Switch is a massively popular console, and the ongoing microchip shortage could prove to be a bit of a stick in the spokes. Time will tell.


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    About time, certain phones where catching up to the switch, The Asus RoG II it looks way better than switch n it’s screen is breathtaking

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