Clubhouse for Android is expanding globally this week


It’s been a long ride, but we’re finally here. Clubhouse, an iOS exclusive since March 2020, will be made available to Android users worldwide this week. The audio-social media platform launched on Android in the US last week, and will be adding more and more countries to its list as the week goes on.

Clubhouse’s doors are fully open

Clubhouse made its Android debut in a US-only “rough beta version” at the beginning of the month, which turned into an open-beta (with some stipulations) about a week later. This week marks its global rollout.

The platform is now available in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Twitter announcement outlines a rough release schedule for the rest of the world. Its Android version arrives in Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday, and Nigeria and India on Friday. The rest of the world will get their invitations throughout the week, and everyone should be allowed in by the end of Friday.

Clubhouse has taken its sweet time with a full Android release, but has explained that this was so it could keep up with its rapidly growing popularity and user base. This may have been to its detriment.

Various social media competitors have released their own versions of the platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and even LinkedIn, to suck up some of the Android market while they could.

That said, Clubhouse has a few projects down the pipeline to keep current users interested and draw in new ones. It recently announced that it would be airing 50 pilot episodes for audio-based shows that will run on the platform.

Perhaps this and the full Android release might help pick up its monthly downloads again.


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