Xiaomi manages to avoid Huawei’s fate, has been removed from US blacklist


A certain Chinese company has just managed to avoid the damage Donald Trump’s administration attempted to do to it. Unfortunately, it’s not Huawei. Xiaomi will be removed from the American blacklist that did massive damage to Huawei’s smartphone business, according to court documents filed in the US.

Xiaomi how you did that

The Chinese company’s fate was already headed in that direction, as far back as March this year, but the new documents show that Xiaomi and the current American government have agreed to settle their legal differences “…without contest”. The result is the Chinese tech-maker’s removes from the US blacklist.

The company filed a lawsuit contesting its placement on the so-called Entity List immediately after it was announced and it’s this action that has led to Xiaomi being removed from it. It’s also a possible springboard for other Chinese companies in a similar position to attempt similar legal relief. Reuters reports that several of the seven companies also affected are considering similar cases. There’s no guarantee that they will see similar results, however.

Source: Reuters


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