Motorola is experimenting with the idea of air-charging


Lenovo-owned telecommunications company Motorola is most well known for its folding phones, old and new. Now it seems the company wants to try its hand at air-charging technology. It recently announced a partnership with GuRu wireless, a tech company already working on wireless charging tech of its own.

Motorola wants to be an air-charging GuRu

GuRu claims to have its very own charging tech, utilizing millimetre-wave integrated chips and an RF Lensing technique that can charge multiple devices up to nearly 10 meters away, according to The Next Web. GuRu’s chargers can currently charge a phone at somewhere between 5W and 10W, which is a bit of a step down from the 25W and up some wired chargers can provide. But air-charging still a relatively under-developed and unexplored concept, so it’s understandable.

Motorola hasn’t mentioned anything about its products including this kind of tech anytime soon, but we might see some concept patents and reveals popping up as the year goes on.

Motorola isn’t the only company interested in air-charging. Xiaomi revealed its concept for the “Mi Air Charge” earlier this year, which boasted the ability to charge your phone as you walk around your living room, obstacles and all. Oppo also released a short video teasing its own air-charging tech, with rumours touting a stable 7.5W charge. The video only shows Oppo’s phone charging up to around 10cm away from its transmitter, which puts it a few pegs lower than Xiaomi’s and GuRu’s tech.

It may still be a while before we see Motorola’s air-charging tech hit shelves. Ditto for Xiaomi and Oppo. There’s a lot to get right before it’s fit for market, and some more experimenting and fine-tuning is no doubt still necessary. One thing’s for sure: if Motorola doesn’t call their air-charger the Razr Lazr we’re going to be mad.

Source: The Next Web


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