Oppo teases new air-charging tech


Smartphone innovation is at an all-time high, with brands racing to go where no phone has gone before. We’ve seen tons of weird and wonderful things, like phones that flip or swivel, and crazy auxiliary displays. One place where competition in innovation is on the rise is wireless charging, and Oppo has just stepped into the arena.

Oppo’s in the air

A quick clip on Weibo, titled “30 seconds to tell you what the future of charging looks like”, shows off the new wireless charging system working with the Oppo X 2021 rollable phone. This form of air-charging appears to work thanks to what looks like a small pad, a station of sorts. In the video, the X 2021 is placed onto the station and its rollable tech is shown off, while it charges sans cables. The phone is then lifted around 5cm off the platform, still charging, and then another 5cm from that, still charging.

Not much else has surfaced regarding the unrevealed tech, but according to GSMArena, a “well-known tipster” has claimed that it can charge your device at a respectable 7.5W.

This isn’t the first time Oppo has teased wireless charging technology. They’ve previously revealed the concept for the FreeVOOC, which boasted a supposed 5 to 10-watt charging speed at up to 10 meters using technology embedded in the phone itself, kind of Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge. The Mi Air Charge, teased about a month ago, seems to trump Oppo’s take on wireless charging in terms of range, but while neither product is available yet the competition remains speculative.

A release date for Oppo’s air-charger hasn’t been announced yet.

Source: GSMArena, The Verge


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