Don’t use 2FA on your Google account yet? Google’s about to opt you in


Google 2FATwo-factor authentication or 2FA is an almost wholly essential thing to have on your online accounts. It’s a similar argument to the one Americans use to justify guns — it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Well, Google’s decided that we’re all going to have it.

2FA the price of one

The search giant has become tired of you all ignoring its nag screens asking you to activate two-factor authentication and it’s going to just set it up for all of its users. Which… isn’t a bad tactic, when it comes to something like this. It’s a little less appreciated when you’re forcing a new U2 album on all of your users, though.

Google’s activating 2FA (which it calls 2SV or two-step verification) for all “appropriately configured accounts” soon, following the addition of an additional prompt for people who are already enrolled. Just to make sure it’s you, you see. If you’ve got any recovery info on your Google account, like a secondary email or phone number, then you’re ready to be drafted into Google’s 2FA army.

You will, if you so desire, be able to opt out of using additional verification methods to secure your Google account but that’s… probably not a great idea. Your accounts aren’t as safe as you think they are and if Google has your info already… well… maybe put the safety on your account.


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