Twitter finally does away with its irritating image crop


Have you uploaded an image to Twitter, excited to see how good it looks on your feed, only to realise that it’s removed the wrong part of a photo? It’s happened to us all but it should (finally) never happen again. Twitter has announced that it’s doing away with its irritating automatic crop and will now display vertical images in all their glory. Finally, all those tall people who’ve experienced the discrimination of “The Crop” will know what it’s like to fit on a Twitter feed.

Crop dusting

If you’re using the iOS or Android of Twitter, you’ll now be able to upload and view vertical photos that haven’t had half of their contents cut out; you could always just select the image and open it full screen but we don’t wanna. It’s a small but appreciated quality of life update that’s rolling out to users around the world. Even better, you’ll now be able to preview how your image will look before you upload it. Why such a feature as useful as that is only being implemented now is… well, it’s actually rather baffling.

Twitter, patting itself on the back like usual, posted about the update, saying “No bird too tall, no crop too short… Introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone.”

If you venture onto Twitter you’ll no doubt see loads of users celebrating the defeated evil of the Twitter image algorithm. There’s a #twittercrop trending right now as loads of artists and photographers celebrate their longer images. Be warned that you may encounter some… less-than-safe for work images in your search. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Twitter also recently opened up its new Spaces feature for users with over 600 followers. Neat!

Source: Cnet


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