Apple’s M1-powered iMac desktop starts at R26,000 in South Africa


This month, Apple called back to its early, more rebellious years with the announcement of its upcoming M1-powered iMacs. The new range of desktop machines come in an array of funky bright colours, including yellow, orange, blue, green and boring ol’ silver. 

Gold at the end of the iMac rainbow

Apple’s Spring Loaded event detailed its first desktop machine running on the company’s own silicon. The M1 SoC (system-on-chip) has allowed Apple to trim the size of the machine, bringing it down by 50%. Using a processing unit generally used in mobile devices obviously helps cut down heat caused by processes, cutting on the need for massive cooling systems along the way. 

iMacThe colourful devices feature a 25in 4.5K res display, kitted out with True Tone to ensure that colours are prominent. It features a six-speaker system that will make use of Dolby Atmos to give you a great sound. You also get 4 USB-C ports of which two are Thunderbolt ports, along with a proprietary charging port and cable. 

Along with the machine, we’ve got a new Magic Keyboard that features Touch ID — y’know, to make sure your device is more secure than ever. There’s a new Magic Mouse too but that seems to be more of the same. They look cool in their matchy funky colours though. 

If you’ve been holding off investing in an iMac desktop for heavy-duty work, this is the one to look at. These are priced for South Africa, starting at R26,000 for the 256GB version, while the cost’ll go up as storage space increases. The 512GB version will cost R34,000, and all of the colours are up for grabs as pre-orders on the local iStore right now.


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