Telegram to launch video conference feature next month


It seems weird to say it but… Telegram hasn’t had a video conferencing option until very recently. By very recently, we mean next month. The app has seen a massive spike in users since WhatsApp started playing its very unfun game of altering its terms and conditions, has decided that it needs to step up its features game.

Starting in May, an update will be rolled out to the instant messaging app that will patch in the ability to host and join group video calls. Honestly, it feels like it should have come ages ago, but here we are.

Telegram! Telegram for Mister Video Call!

Telegram already has support for one-on-one video calls and group audio-chats (as well as an incoming feature that clones Clubhouse, which everyone is doing these days) but users have never been able to get their contacts together and have a big ol’ chat session digitally face-to-face. Considering how it has grown in popularity and more and more people are adopting it to survive in a pandemic-stricken world, the ability to host video calls will no doubt come in handy for many users.

As we mentioned above, it does strike us as an update that’s coming around a little too late. Telegram initially promised users that group video calls would be introduced back in 2020 but, and you may not have noticed it yet, we’re not in 2020 any more. Still, you can’t be all that harsh on Telegram. Even though it was an essential app during the pandemic, the folks working on it were no doubt also affected by everything.

Source: Engadget


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