Google Chrome 90 is currently rolling out, brings with it several cool updates


Perhaps Google was a little spooked by the release of Edge for Android as it’s currently pushing Chrome 90 out the door to fend for itself. The update is slowly rolling out to users around the world and includes a whole bunch of neat new features that feel like they should have been added ages ago. But what are you gonna do?

So let’s run down some of the new additions to the app. Rather than defaulting to HTTP, Google Chrome will now default to HTTPS which is exactly the same as the original, a standard old webpage that’s coming from the webserver to your browser, but the nice thing about this is that the “S” stands for secure. It means that session you’re loading is encrypted which is great news for personal privacy and security while you’re browsing the web.

What’s new in Google Chrome?

One of the other major additions is the inclusion of AV1 encoder support which should hopefully make video calling on slower internet speeds more viable. Given how many people have adopted video calls as the new way to conduct business, it makes sense that Google would want to accommodate those folks who need to call into the office but don’t have the greatest connection speed.

Another very cool yet small new feature is the ability to send people links to specific chunks of text on a webpage. Previously, if you wanted to send a quote from a page or site through to someone you’d need to just send the URL of the entire page and indicate to the receiver where to look. Now, you’ll be able to link to a specific piece of text by highlighting the chunk you want to send, right-clicking on the text and selecting the “Copy link to highlight” option. Anyone who clicks on the link you send will be taken directly to the paragraph. Neat, right?

While we know the update is currently rolling out across the world, it might take some time to reach your Google Chrome. Let’s be real, there are millions of Chrome users so reaching everyone in a timely manner can be tough. Just be patient and you’ll have it soon enough.

Source: XDA Developers


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