Microsoft quietly releases Edge browser for Android


If you’re an Android user then you’ve largely been stuck with one browser for years now: Google Chrome. Sure, there are technically other browsers on the mobile platform but Chrome is owned by Google, which also owns… Android. The introduction of Microsoft Edge on Android might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’ve half a mind to step away from Google’s search engine. Microsoft quietly went and released a preview version of Edge on the Google Play Store, named Edge Canary, and it’s available for anyone to test.

The easy joke to make would be say, “Great, another platform to not use Microsoft Edge on,” but it may be worth checking out. The browser has come a long way since it was first revealed and it’s a rather snazzy little app now. This version, like the desktop version, is based on the Chromium engine which is good news for users. It means that folks already in the ecosystem will be able to carry across all their login details to make for a seamless switch.

Living on the Edge

From what we can see, mobile Edge offers everything you’d want in a mobile browser. Open tab syncing is a must for when you need to quickly go back and forth between your desktop and your phone. Of course, you’ll need to search using Bing which is often far less reliable than Google. Other than that, this seems like a fully-fleshed out build despite it being a preview.

If you do download and try Edge Canary, Microsoft is actively looking for feedback on how to make the app better. “Canary will be released daily to keep you up to date on our progress. Your feedback is what helps us improve, so download now and let us know what you think,” reads the description on the Google Play Store.

Source: TechRadar


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