Urbanista’s light-drinking Los Angeles cans are designed to keep you listening for longer


Urbanista Los AngelesHeadphone maker Urbanista has come up with a solution to our largest complaint surrounding wireless headphones — the battery life. Sure, most high-end sets will get you around 20 hours of use on a charge but what if you’re the absent minded type? Either you invest in a set of wired cans or you grab yourself a paid of Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones

Urbanista warfare

What’s so special about these things? Well, they include a material called Powerfoyle, a term that sounds like it needs a ™ attached to it. And with good reason. The material, made by a company called Exeger, lets these cans top up the battery from a variety of light sources, including indoor light. Resemblances to a 1990’s calculator aside, this is quite an awesome addition to have in a set of headphones.

The company claims (via Wired) that hanging around outside for an hour will get you three hours of playtime, making the Los Angeles headphones the set you want for a real marathon session. If it’s overcast, you can expect two hours of uptime added, and you’ll even top the battery up — albeit slower — while inside. Other features include active noise cancelling, an ambient mode, and a 50-hour battery. You can also top the phone up using a charger, if you’re feeling old school.

What can you expect to pay for a set of Urbanista Los Angeles headphones? Around R2,900, when it finally goes up for pre-order.

Source: Engadget


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