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Stuff’s load shedding survival guide – Unlimited power!

We’re not here to disappoint anyone — we know you’re all quite fidgety because you’ve been stuck watching prehistoric Netflix (a candle flickering against the wall) for the past two weeks. Maybe you haven’t had a proper warm bath for a few days, or you’ve long since blown your UberEats budget. Here’s something to brighten up your gloom slightly — Stuff’s load shedding survival guide! I...[Read More]

Meet the sun-powered smartphone you’ve probably never heard of

Today’s smartphones are probably the world’s biggest cause of panic attacks; when the unholy trinity of poor battery life, power-hungry apps and absence of power outlets come together, you’re basically screwed. Also: Eskom. Kyocera want to change that – but in an eco-friendly way. The Japanese company isn’t exactly a household name, specialising as it does in rugged phones ...[Read More]

World Panel’s SunStream: The rugged, R200 solar charger for your phone

Solar chargers for mobile devices tend to be, well, a bit rubbish. Primarily because most of them are big batteries with solar panels stuck to them. The World Panel SunStream ditches the battery, and pushes power (up to 5V) straight through a USB port. Which means you can charge anything from an entry-level feature phone right up to a high-end smartphone using the device. Moreover, the World Panel...[Read More]

How trillions of tiny solar panels could power the internet of things

It could herald a great leap forward in the way we live our lives. The internet of things, the idea that objects can be interconnected via a global network, will run your home, keep you healthy and even check how much food is in your fridge. It will mean a trillion new “smart sensors”being installed around the world by 2020. But what’s going to power these devices? In some cases, the energy source...[Read More]

The Powerwall: Tesla’s home battery and clean power solution

As expected, Tesla has this week launched a suite of batteries, dubbed Tesla Energy. Using the same bleeding edge power management technology as the batteries in Tesla’s electric cars, Tesla Energy is designed to help homes and businesses move away from the old power supply model and usher in a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable way of using electricity. The model that’ll probably be mos...[Read More]

Eskom’s solar heating rebate project to move to Dept of Energy by month-end

Back in 2008 when South Africa’s electricity issues started in earnest, with the whole country being subject to rolling blackouts (or ‘load-shedding’, if you’re trying to soften the blow), Eskom announced plans for a solar heating rebate project that would have seen homes that switches to solar energy for heating geysers securing some extra cash in addition to a lowered ele...[Read More]

SA solar power initiative to power up to 80,000 SA homes

We can’t say that we don’t need this right about now. A company called SolarReserve announced recently that a new solar power plant near Kimberly, called the Jasper plant, is online and set to power up to 80,000 homes in South Africa every year. Why is this appearing on Stuff? Solar power, obviously, but the initiative was also made possible with the involvement of Google, who seems to...[Read More]

Mercedes’ Vision G-Code concept car is packing a lot of tech – including power-generating paint

Stuff is all for cool cars, whether they’re looking good from the inside or are packing an attractive outer shell, and Merc have come up with a new concept vehicle that combines those two. The Vision G-Code is a concept SUV that features lines that we’re pretty sure we saw in 80s action films (not quite as ridiculous) but the in-car tech is innovative enough that even a Hollywood exec ...[Read More]

More speculation on Apple’s smartwatch: Solar power, wireless charging being considered

Apple has long been thought to be working on a smartwatch or ‘iWatch’ and a report by the New York Times on battery technology has made some claims about how Cupertino might implement batteries in the as-yet unconfirmed product. One of the possibilities, that of charging an Apple smartwatch by magnetic induction, is a lot closer than the second option but the report has said that Apple...[Read More]

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