Dell unveils a new range of Inspiron laptops, focuses on working from home


Laptops are cool and great and snazzy and all that, but what happens when you throw them away? They’re a massive contributor to e-waste around the world, so Dell is trying its best to combat this with its new range of Inspiron computers. Featuring more recycled materials than ever before, these laptops have been designed to fit with the company’s new green initiative which is obviously a good thing for the world in general. The last thing anyone needs is for dumps to overflow with computers. Have you ever stepped on a motherboard? It hurts.

It’s not just the actual build that’s recycled though. The new range of Inspiron also features low volatile organic compound (VOC) waterborne paint for all the actually painted parts. The packaging trays were built from 100% recycled materials while all the other elements of the packaging are 90% recycled. Not too shabby, although we’d be even more impressed if those electronics were stripped from now dead laptops and used in place of spiffy new ones. We’re not computer engineers though, so how possible that could be is beyond us.


Inspiron? Inspiring.

So they’re more environmentally friendly but what is the new Inspiron series actually working with? Well, there are a few models you can choose from, namely the Inspiron 13, 14, 14 2-in-1, 15 and 16 Plus. From the looks of things the unifying them of them all is focus on working from home. One of the better features is the inclusion of an HD webcam across all models that features Temporal Noise Reduction which should result in clear, more accessible calls to the office.

Each of the laptops features ExpressCharge, which should have your device charged by 80% within just an hour. Couple this with the adaptive thermals to help reduce power consumption and you probably need to worry about your battery dying on you when you need it most.

Focusing on the Inspiron 16 Plus, the best-specced model of the batch, you can expect a 16in screen as well as a 16:1 aspect ratio alongside the most up to date Intel processor and the optional inclusion of a beefy Nvidia GTX/RTX GPU (for a higher price, obviously). The other stand out device is the Inspiron 14 2-in-1 that folds back on itself to convert to a tablet or a very small tent if you’d like.

As for release dates, the Dell Inspiron 13 is available overseas from today, 13 April, while the others in the range will launch over the course of May and June. We’ve reached out to Dell to confirm whether South Africa will receive this new range of Inspirons as well as how much they’ll cost. We’ll update this post the second we find out.

Source: WindowsCentral


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