Buy Samsung tech on credit with 0% interest, thanks to Standard Bank


Samsung — you guys know who Samsung are, we don’t have to explain them — and Standard Bank are teaming up in SA to get more of the South Korean company’s tech into hands across the country. The newly-announced partnership will see Standard Bank credit card owners able to finance Samsung tech at 0% interest — for a limited time.

Shopping Samsung

How it works is that you’ll have to purchase a device of some sort from the local Samsung online store, to the value of R5,000 or more. When you’re paying (with your Standard Bank plastic, remember?), you select a six, twelve or twenty-four-month repayment plan. You should find that you’ll pay no interest on that purchase, over the repayment period. Everything else you just bought on your credit card? That’s between you and the people you bought it from. We don’t think 0% interest will come up.

Standard Bank’s head of card issuing, Israel Skosana, said “This last year has shown us that we are increasingly more reliant on mobile technology to communicate, work and play. Our latest partnership with Samsung will hopefully encourage customers to adopt and utilise multiple digital platforms and payment options like Samsung Pay, the Standard Bank Banking App, and virtual cards.”

If you’d like to take advantage of this little marketing push (and you have a Standard Bank credit card), you’ve got until 30 June this year to get your purchase on. After that… you’ll have to pay interest, just like everyone else.


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