Google accidentally leaked its new Pixel Buds A in an email


You know, it’s always comforting to learn that massive company’s struggle with the same communication blunders that us normal folk do, like embarrassingly attaching the wrong .jpg to an email chain. That’s effectively what Google’s done, placing an image of the still-to-be-announced Pixel Buds A in an email sent off to everyone on the Google Nest mailing list. In a nice shade of green, too.

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Image: 9to5Google

The email otherwise outlines a few updates coming to the Google Nest, such as better smart control and photo sharing via voice. At the bottom of the email is a handful of links to the Google Store. Each link has a thumbnail, and thanks to a technical blunder whatever was meant to be the thumbnail for the “Accessories” link was replaced by the new Pixel Buds, tucked away cosily into their charging case and sporting a green we’d be inclined to call “Forest” if we fancied ourselves as interior decorators.

The leak isn’t much more than a glimpse at the way the earbuds and accompanying charging case look, both of which appear (for now) to only make a few minor adjustments on the design of the previous Pixel Buds.

9to5Google reports that this leak is in the wake of both new FCC Listings hinting at new Pixel Buds as well as some info the site gleaned from its own sources. While it’s a fun blunder, it doesn’t reveal a whole lot yet. We’ll have to wait for some official word on specs, availability, pricing, and the like. 9to5Google speculates that an announcement from Google might come sooner rather than later. In other Google related news, have you seen the upcoming Pixel 6?


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