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The 7 biggest announcements from Google I/O this year

Google’s annual I/O generally includes a focus on either hardware or software, but this year we got a healthy combination of the two.

8 new features Android O will bring to your phone

Surprise! Android O is here. Well, sort of: Google has dropped a developer’s preview build of the next-gen mobile OS revision, along with a heap of details on just what it brings to the table. Obviously, we expected an Android O to follow last year’s Nougat, but the sudden launch caught us all off-guard. Right now, Android O really is meant for developers to start learning from and imp...[Read More]

Here comes Daydream View, Google’s VR headset

Google’s no stranger to mobile-powered virtual reality headsets. Google Cardboard is still one of the cheapest ways to experience VR with only a mobile phone. But with Daydream View, the search and advertising giant is taking VR a little more seriously, creating another reason to seriously consider its new Pixel phones for your next upgrade, and taking the fight for dominance in the budget-V...[Read More]

Meet the Pixel phones, Google’s homegrown answer to the iPhone

Google today unveiled its new Pixel smartphones, and in doing so made it clear it wants the Apple-like control over hardware and software that has long made the iPhone the darling of mobile developers. There’ll be two Pixel devices to choose from, a 5in model and a larger 5.5in Pixel XL, but aside from the different screen sizes and resolutions, and the XL packing a bigger battery, on the sp...[Read More]

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