Fujifilm announces its new R1,400 Instax Mini 40, launches in SA on 21 April


Fujifilm’s got an all-new retro-designed instant camera for you to check out — the Instax Mini 40 is set to launch in South Africa a little later this month. The instant camera, in keeping with previous models from the company, turns up on 21 April at a fairly affordable price point — just R1,400.

An all-new old thing

The Instax Mini 40’s launch is a global one, which means that South African fans won’t have long to wait at all before snapping instant shots of… whatever they want, really. The camera brings with it more than just retro styling, however. The black leatherette body (it’s, like, baby leather, we guess? Apprentice leather?) with silver trim contains two ‘make it easy’ modes: Automatic Exposure and then a Selfie Mode, so you can be in your own snaps.

Automatic Exposure automatically handles everything from shutter speed to flash, optimising settings based on your surroundings. Selfie Mode, which is initiated by pulling out the camera’s lens when it’s turned on, automatically adjusts focus so that it captures things (like faces) between 30 to 50cm away more clearly.

There’s also a new film being introduced with the 2x AA battery-powered Mini 40. It’s called Contact Sheet and it mimics… well, contact sheets. The film also arrives in packs of ten sheets, as with most of Fuji’s film packs, and are backwards compatible with all Instax cameras. If you want to add a little more style to the shots you’ve got stuck on the fridge, this is the way to go.

As we’ve mentioned, the Instax Mini 40 launches onto the South African market from 21 April this year — so in about two weeks — and it’ll cost you R1,400 for the li’l retro-themed camera unit. You’ll also be able to pick up the new packs of film on the same day. Fuji tells us that the Contact Sheet film packs will set you back R170.


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