Apple launches app that tests the “Find My” function on third-party devices


Every Apple fan has made use of the “Find My” feature before. We’re not perfect, we drop AirPods and forget where we put our watches down from time to time, so it’s nice to have an app that makes those moments a little less terrifying. Now, Apple’s launched an app called “Find My Certification Assist”, which lets third-party accessory creators test out whether their device would work using the “Find My” network.

Find My Compatibility

“Find My Certification Assist” (shortened to FMCA) tests several “key requirements”, such as “connection” and “discovery”, on devices that are intended to work with Find My technology. The app itself, TechCrunch reports, can be used to run a variety of tests for creators. For example, you can check for baseline connectivity, firmware, power, and even whether or not the app can proc the tested device to make a sound. Plus other elements that make your devices easier or harder to find.

The app apparently dropped, sans any real fanfare or announcement, on Sunday. It’s still in its infancy, so there aren’t any reviews or ratings for it just yet, but unless it simply doesn’t function we can’t imagine it faring poorly.

That aside, the most noteworthy thing to come of this is the fact that it’s the first move towards Apple’s end-goal of opening up the Find My network to a host of third parties, which has the potential to make mainline Apple products fully functional with those outside of the brand. This is a bit of a big deal for Apple. Prior to this, it’s generally felt like Apple intentionally made their products compatible only with… more of their products. This might be a nice change of pace.

Source: TechCrunch


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