Samsung’s Adidas-branded Galaxy Buds Pro will (sadly) only be available in South Korea


Adidas Galaxy Buds ProYou may have thought you’d seen it all but if you haven’t seen Samsung’s Adidas-branded Galaxy Buds Pro with their little snapback-shaped case (which looks like it’d attach to a keyring rather neatly), then you haven’t seen it all. Except now you have, so you have. You with us so far?

Sadly, while you might now have seen everything, you probably won’t manage to own everything. Or, at least, you won’t manage to own Samsung’s white-and-green earbuds. They’ve only been announced for South Korea, meaning you’ll never own a set of buds that arrive in a replica Adidas sneaker box.

All day I dream about… Samsung?

The full title for these buds is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack. There’s little difference in the buds themselves, beyond the custom colour. The case, obviously, deviates from Samsung’s usual elegant lozenge, as does the box it arrives in. The buds also come with a coupon for a set of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

The differences continue on the software side. Pairing them with a Samsung smartphone unlocks an Adidas Originals theme on the handset, with a custom lock screen, icons, and messaging and call screens. A link to the Adidas online store is also added to the device. Samsung’s using 20% Post-Consumer Materials (PCM), a recycled plastic, for these Galaxy Buds Pro because Samsung, like most larger tech companies, are being very environmentally conscious at present.


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