Cheese grater iPhone patented by Apple


Apple is known for doing things that many would, at the time, consider… zany would be a kind way of putting it. Let’s be honest, when Steve Jobs walked onstage and showed off the first iPhone, many called him mad to be wearing such a warm turtleneck indoors and for thinking that a computer could work in such a tiny shell.

Yet here we are. Still, when Apple patents a cheese grater design for a possible future iPhone, then even those diehard fans might just question the company. Discovered yesterday, it seems Apple wants to take that awful hole-y design you’ll see on the Mac Pro tower and use that on an iPhone. We struggle to conceive why anyone would want this. Perhaps there’s a market for people who want a smartphone that actively tears a hole in their pockets.


A Grater iPhone

The design, which is described as a “…three-dimensional structure [that]can include the body defining a first pattern of first cavities extending into the body from the first surface and the body defining a second pattern of second cavities extending into the body from the second surface,” is not only only complete gibberish to understand but rather hideous. If it’s anything like the Mac Pro we looked at last year, which it is, this thing will likely feel horrific to hold and will harvest skin flakes like a bed bug.

You’re doubtless wondering why something as absurd as this would be posted on this day, 1 April, of all days. It’s the day of April Fools, is it not? A day where you should really be keeping an eye on what kind of content you’re reading online. Such as this article you just read, right?

Well, here’s a link to the actual patent filed by Apple. This is 100% real and we really wish it wasn’t. April Fools?

Source: Gizmodo



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