Details for Samsung’s new Tab A7 Lite, S7 Lite tablets leak

Samsung A7 Tab

Image: Evan Blass/Voice

Notorious leaker (ew) Evan Blass has made available via Voice new details on Samsung’s upcoming tablet, the Tab A7 Lite. The tablet is set to join Samsung’s line of affordable mid-range (but quality) products, being one step down from the standard Tab A7 and thus lighter on specs and your bank balance.

Shining a “lite” on the A7s specs

Blass reports that the A7 Lite, despite its name, will release with a display 8.4in diagonally, rather than 7. The tablet’s lite-ness comes with regards to its specs. With a MediaTek Helio P22T chip, a camera sans flash, only 3GB of RAM, and a 5,100mAh battery, everything about this tablet says, “Affordable”.

Which is the selling point. Samsung’s A series ad slogan is “Awesome is for everyone” after all. That said, Blass points to another leak, courtesy of WalkingCat on Twitter, providing a few details on a possible, more expensive lite tablet, the Tab S7 Lite.

The leak doesn’t offer too much in the way of specs because it’s only marketing material. The S7 Lite will be 12.4in diagonally, a substantial increase over its A7 cousin, and may be available with 5G capabilities. Now, that’s not a whole lot to go with, but it’s enough to do some speculating. Gizmochina theorises, based on benchmark tests shared by MySmartPrice, that the 5G model could be decked out with Qualcomm’s 750G chipset, as well as 4GB of RAM.

While it’s all speculation, this seems reliable enough considering the tablet’s ‘lite’ title. However, with Qualcomm recently announcing its 780G chipset set to ship on new, affordable devices, it wouldn’t surprise us if we found it on these new tablets instead of the 750G.

The leaks suggest that both the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and the Tab S7 Lite are set to launch in June.




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