Samsung and Manna take delivery out of our hands with drones


Drone deliveries aren’t entirely commonplace yet, but they’re becoming increasingly so. More and more companies are offering airborne-robo-package delivery services, and Samsung has just announced its own take on the tech.

The South-Korean tech giant has paired up with Manna Drone Delivery, who boast a delivery time of 3 minutes or less in a 2km radius. The partnership now makes drone delivery available to Irish customers purchasing the latest range of Galaxy devices (the S21 Ultra, Tab S7, etc, including the newly released A Series phones) from

Samsung takes to the skies

What’s particularly nice about this little venture is that it enables a “contactless” experience beginning from when customers purchase their product online to it arriving at their door, mitigating any risk of Covid exposure.

According to Samsung Newsroom, Head of Online Eamonn Grant said that the company is always looking for “ways to bring meaningful innovation to [their]customers,” and that it was “excited to be the first technology company in Ireland to make [their]products available to our customers via drone delivery.” Eamonn went on to say that the world as it is today is the perfect time for contactless delivery services.

Manna also expressed its enthusiasm for this project, with CTO Alan Hicks saying, “We recognize that the potential for the application of drone delivery is enormous,” and finished with, “…we are genuinely excited to be embarking on this next chapter with [Samsung].”

This is a first for Samsung, and while it’s currently limited to Ireland both it and Manna plan on making the service available across the UK. Whether or not we see it here remains to be seen.


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