OnePlus announces first smartwatch with a battery life of two weeks


While OnePlus might not be the easiest phone to get your hands on in South Africa (there are outlets that stock them, you might just need to wait a bit), the company still makes cool tech that you should still pay attention to. We’re not talking about one of its smartphones, but rather it’s newly unveiled smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch (you just know some executive was paid stacks to come up with that name) seems like a nifty little gadget that may compete handily with Apple and Samsung’s range of smartwatches.

This wrist-mounted tool will be running an OS designed by OnePlus and will feature over 110 different workout modes for folks wanting to stretch themselves out or get dak for vac (you’ll understand that if you’re from Durban). In terms of functionality, it seems to be a relatively standard smartwatch but the thing that really sets it apart: The battery and the charge speed.


OnePlus Watch, The Undying

The OnePlus Watch comes equipped with the company’s Warp Charge technology which, beyond being a very cool sounding phrase, should make it very difficult to run the battery flat. According to OnePlus, users will be able to get a full day’s usage out of the Watch after just five minutes of charging. That’s… ridiculous. No one man should have all that power.

In terms of duration, the OnePlus Watch should last roughly two weeks on light use and a week under heavy use, which is still impressive. Apparently you’ll be able to get that week-long usage after just charging the thing for twenty minutes thanks to 5W charging.

This all sounds very good but since we don’t have one to test we’ll withhold judgement. It’s still unknown whether the Watch will be landing in South Africa but if it does you’ll be the first to know. We’re nothing if not supportive of your interests.

Source: Engadget


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