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Fitbit Versa Lite – A safe bet for varied tracking but few standout features

We've used Fitbit’s Versa for some time, but the company's since gone and released a stripped-back version of the smartwatch/fitness tracker -- that's the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition to you. The new wearable loses a fair few functions but that means that the price is right. On paper, at least. The RRP for the Versa Lite Edition is lower than the Versa's RRP -- not that it matters all that much.

Fitbit Charge 3 review: No need to charge this Charge a lot

Fitness trackers are still worth your time — even though smartwatches are on everyone’s wrists right now. Apple just launched the brilliant Watch 4 that has made insane progress in the wearables sector. But you know what’s still buggy about smartwatches? Battery life. This is where fitness trackers enter the space with confidence. With a smaller range of apps and functionality, they can last...[Read More]

Hatch your Pokémon eggs faster with a new Pokémon Go update

If you own a fitness tracker (or use a software one installed on your phone), you’ll know the struggle of hitting your daily step count. But if you’re into hunting Pokémon, a new Pokémon Go update will track your steps even if the app isn’t actively running on your phone. Time to get those steps in, and #catchemall on foot. Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game that requires players ...[Read More]

Fitbit launches Charge 3 with up to 7-day battery life and updated health features

Fitbit is expanding on their Charge range with the new Fitbit Charge 3. The company’s latest mid-range wearable tracker is water resistant to 50m, features a range of nifty exercise modes, and promises up to a whopping 7-day battery life. You can even get Fitbit Pay on it… but only on the ‘Special Edition’. An interesting development is the addition of an SpO2 sensor – not ...[Read More]

Do fitness trackers make you fitter?

Nearly 20 million fitness trackers were sold last year. These digital devices – which track everything from heart-rate to the number of steps you take – are sold on the promise that they will help the owner lose weight and become fitter and happier. Unfortunately, like many sports performance products, research to support their usefulness is limited. In research we recently published we found litt...[Read More]

Jawbone fixes its UP3 with passive HR and auto sleep tracking

When we reviewed the Jawbone UP3 last month we were whelmed at best. Two of our chief gripes about the fitness tracker were its lack of constant heart rate monitoring and the fact that you needed to put it into sleep mode and wake it up again each morning, something we found almost impossible to remember to do. Now Jawbone has addressed both of these issues with firmware updates for the Jawbone UP...[Read More]

Jawbone UP3 reviewed: Pretty but pedestrian

Jawbone’s wearables have always had one obvious advantage over rivals: they’re better looking. The Jawbone UP3 continues this tradition by looking more like an understated piece of jewellery than an activity tracker. However, as is so often the case where beauty is concerned, this strong showing in the aesthetic department means sacrifices have had to be made elsewhere. Terribly handso...[Read More]

MWC 2015: Can Huawei’s TalkBand B2 make the Bluetooth earpiece cool?

If Chinese hardware manufacturer Huawei is right, the Bluetooth earpieces that have largely disappeared from the sides of consumers’ faces will be back soon. Not content to release merely an updated version of its existing fitness tracking band, Huawei has made its new TalkBand B2 a two-in-one fitness band and Bluetooth earpiece. The new device was unveiled alongside Huawei’s first for...[Read More]

The Fitbit Charge HR reviewed: A fitness tracker with heart (rate monitoring)

We’ve been wearing Fitbit devices since the days of the Flex, but the Charge HR is the first of the US company’s fitness trackers we can recommend (almost) without reservation. That’s because, unlike its forerunners, the Charge HR includes a heart rate monitor, and when you’re trying to track activity and evaluate fitness that makes all the difference. The Charge HR looks almost exactly like the F...[Read More]

Jawbone introduces the UP3, their most advanced wearable to date

Jawbone makes some mighty impressive, and stylish, wearable fitness tech. Now they’ve gone and come out with something new in the UP3, which fits in a heart-rate monitor along with all of the other tech that we’re used to from our fitness trackers Read More: Jawbone UP24 Review There is a new heart-rate monitor, this is true, but it’s also going to be joined by other tech that wi...[Read More]

Misfit Flash brings neon colours, fitness and sleep tracking to your wrist

Misfit has announced the Flash – a budget-friendly version of its Shine fitness tracker. Made from soft-touch plastic as opposed to the Shine’s more premium all-metal build, the Flash will land on shelves with a rather agreeable, if estimated for South Africa, R900 price tag – substantially cheaper than its Shine brother, which is currently hovering around the R1,350 mark here at...[Read More]

Withings’ new Activité looks more like a watch than a fitness tracker

One of the problems with fitness trackers is that they look like fitness trackers. Withings’ newest addition to their product lineup, the Activité, and it looks more like a Swiss wristwatch than what it really is: a fitness band. The Activité has a sapphire glass display, so it should be fairly scratch-resistant, and the metal casing’s design comes by way of French and Swiss watchmakin...[Read More]

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