Sony reveals its upcoming sci-fi PSVR 2 controllers


We can all agree that top designers at Sony took at least some inspiration from the likes of The Fifth Element and Star Trek when designing its current-gen consoles and accessories. The same goes for its incoming virtual reality kit that is currently labelled PSVR 2, and it recently showed off the updated controller setup. 

Sony’s new controllers look like something straight out of a 90’s sci-fi flick, and we’re absolutely here for it. Along with the wacky design reveal, the console-maker detailed some of the features we can expect from the setup. It is version 2.0, so we’ll expect a substantial upgrade over PSVR uno. 

VR, but make it new

If you’ve had your hands on a DualSense controller recently, and booted up a PlayStation 5 title, you would have experienced some of the features coming to the new and improved controllers. 

These features include adaptive triggers (on both of ‘em), haptic feedback, but tailored for the ‘form-factor’ — of course, we’d need to try this out ourselves and see exactly how it differs from the DualSense. Of course, haptic feedback in some form makes sense, as virtual reality is supposed to immerse every part of you into a… virtual world, so this will be interesting to try out. 

It’ll also feature something called ‘finger touch detection, this’ll allow the controller to know where your hands/fingers are at all times without the need to physically press a button. Then it’ll have all the expected PS buttons in a certain config. 

It’s too early to tell, because we’re not expecting PlayStation’s next VR very soon, but we’re hoping to see at least some significant updates in relation to the current setup.

Source: PS Blog


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