iPad Pros may be launching in April


Many would still consider the iPad to be an essential piece of tech. Even before the world figured out that working from home is not only possible but in many cases better than a dedicated office space, Apple’s iPad Pro was an excellent tablet for designers, creators, people who needed a more robust Kindle or snotty kids looking to kill a few minutes with whatever free game they can find on the App Store. Folks looking to upgrade or figure out what makes iPad’s so appealing in the first place should probably wait just a little longer before they purchase anything as rumour has it that Apple’s looking to announce a new range of iPad Pros in the very near future. April, to be precise.

The report, which came from Bloomberg, suggested that these new iPad Pros will be modelled on the 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions that came out last year. So where’s the upgrade part, right? That’ll be in the camera and processor, both of which have been significantly improved. Consider Apple has made a huge deal out of its impressive M1 chips, one has to imagine that the processors inside the new iPad Pros will be comparable in speed increases.


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The report also mentions the potential inclusion of a Mini-LED screen for the 12.9-inch model rather than an OLED display. While we do love a good OLED screen, even we have to admit that a Mini-LED display should help with contrast and brightness levels.

Whispers also have it that Apple may be making use of a Thunderbolt port rather than the USB-C port of current iPad Pros. It sounds like a downgrade but it should make syncing data between Apple devices much faster and allow the device to pair with more Apple peripherals. But the simplicity of charging it with any old USB-C charge is obviously gone.

Source: Bloomberg


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