BMW reveals the i4, its sedan-shaped EV


First, there was the i8 — a top-of-the-range sporty EV, then there was the i3, the petite family hatch, and now BMW looks set to launch a larger sedan-sized EV called the i4. The i4 will be positioned as the true follow-up to the BMW i3, one of Stuff’s all-time favourite EVs (of which there isn’t much choice in South Africa).

BMW, but make it green

According to reports, the i4 could land on global roads by end of the year. More interestingly, however, BMW is promising an M Performance model of the fully electric variant. 

The automaker showed off the i4 at a conference recently, where it detailed the upcoming battery-powered vehicle that’ll join its family. Of course, it won’t give away too much detail, so we just got a glimpse under the hood of the i4. Firstly, it’ll be customisable with a variety of different configurations. The max range will be around 480km (which is similar to the Jaguar I Pace), with a single-motor powertrain that can put out 390kW.

The Verge speculates that it’ll be powered by an 80kWh battery pack and will run the new version of BMW’s iDrive software and infotainment system on the inside. 

The German automaker went on to detail its future plans with regards to electric, and building a sustainable world. It mentions having at least one electric vehicle option in 90% of the countries it sells cars in by 2023. Then by 2025 it wants 2 million people to own one of its EVs. It’s optimistic, but we back the carmaker that brought one of the most affordable EVs to South Africa when no one else paid any attention. 

Source: The Verge


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