Brace yourselves, loadshedding is back at Stage 2


Here we go again folks, back into the dark for another half a week. Eskom announced that Stage 2 loadshedding has reared its ugly head once again. This bout will start today, 10 March and continue on through to Friday, 12 March. The first scheduled outage will be from 17:00 this evening so make sure all your devices are charged and ready for a long night without power.

What’s the reasoning behind this particular wave of powerlessness? Well, it’s the usual spiel that we’ve become accustomed to but if you want to know the precise reason, Eskom stated on Twitter that we’ll be heading into Stage 2 loadshedding due to, “the loss of generation capacity and to replenish emergency generation reserves.” You know, those reasons they give every time, almost as if they’re pretending that these are problems are temporary.

Sharing the loadshedding

According to the statement put out by Eskom, “continued poor performance at the Kusile, Duvha and Tutuka Power Stations, as well as delays in returning some other units to service and breakdowns over the last week, have caused the need to implement this loadshedding”.

Of course, while we’re expected to regain power by the weekend, we’ve been advised that it may well continue. “There is a high probability that loadshedding may continue to be implemented throughout the weekend, depending on plants returning to service from planned maintenance, as well as the levels of the emergency generation reserves.”

As always, we’ve got some handy guides how to best survive loadshedding and hopefully make your way through to the other side of the dark. Hopefully.




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