Telkom’s got a bunch of new fibre deals and upgrades


As has been the trend in ISPs the past week, Telkom has also confirmed that it’s in the process of updating it’s fibre packages and upgrading internet speeds for its customers. Fibre speeds are being doubled across the board while those users who are having their speeds upgraded won’t need to pay extra for the upgrade. This follows suite with Openserve, Mweb, and Axxess all offering improved bundle rates as well as free upgrades. If there was ever a time to make the leap to fibre, it seems like now would be a great idea.

Starting from 25 March, Telkom users already on the FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) will have their line speed upgraded while newer users can get in on the service with some excellent deals such as 25/5Mbps Uncapped fibre for just R400 per month.

But enough of the gabbing, you probably want to know what those new prices look like, right? Fortunately for you we have a sweet little list of all the new deals:

Telkom FTTH Home Unlimited bundle price updates

  • 10/5Mbps upgraded to 25/5Mbps for R400pm
  • 10/10Mbps upgraded to 25/25Mbps) for R450pm
  • 20Mbps upgraded to 50Mbps for R700 (the same price)
  • 50Mbps upgraded to 100Mbps for R900 (the same price)
  • 100Mbps upgraded to 200Mbps for R1170 (the same price)

Telkom FTTH Home Unlimited Premium price updates

  • 10Mbps upgraded to 25/25Mbps for R700pm
  • 20Mbps upgraded to 50Mbps for R850pm
  • 50Mbps upgraded to 100Mbps for R1200pm
  • 100Mbps upgraded to 200Mbps for R1400pm

As for folks on the already very fast 200mbps line, there’s no upgrade coming your way. You already have the fastest possible connection, but you will get a price cut. The FTTH Home Unlimited 200mbps bundle will now cost R1,170pm, down from R1,400pm. As for the FTTH Home Unlimited Premium 200mbps bundle, that will now cost R1,400pm instead of R1,600pm.

“Our mission is to make highspeed broadband accessible; and now more than ever, our customers need to be connected at home with reliable internet that delivers on speed at reasonable prices,” said Steven White, Executive of Product Development & Management at Telkom.

Source: IT News Africa


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