Standard Bank apologises for duplicate transactions


If you’re a Standard Bank customer, you may have noticed that in the past day or two that your have less cash in your bank accounts. It’s a rather scary thing to discover but know that you can rest easy because it was all a big mistake. Standard Bank confirmed on Twitter that a glitch in its system resulted in some transactions, both debit and credit, occurring more than once.

Here in the Stuff offices, our resident editor and all-round swell chap Brett Venter had a small panic upon discovering that some of his recent transactions had been pulled from his accounts twice. Upon looking into the matter he was greeted with a notification on the Standard Bank app which stated that the bank was aware of the problem and was taking steps to resolve the matter.

Not setting a great Standard Bank


Standard Bank

Standard Bank then took to Twitter to spread the news even wider. “We are aware that recent credit and debit card transactions have been deducted more than once. We are addressing urgently and all affected transactions will be reversed as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience,” reads the tweet.

Unfortunately, the saga didn’t end there. Just two hours after that tweet was published, Standard Bank followed it up with a tweet reading, “We are aware that some recent cheque card transactions have been deducted more than once. We have identified all affected customers and will reverse all affected transactions and associated fees by tomorrow at the latest.”

This story does have somewhat of a happy ending. Brett confirmed to us this afternoon that all his duplicated transactions were reversed so clearly who ever messed up this bad wanted to right their wrongs as fast as possible.


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