Steam is all about bringing people together with these updates to Remote Play Together and Steam Link


SteamHanging out with mates face to face has become significantly harder since this whole pandemic thing began. Fortunately, through the power of the internet, you can connect with your friends online, and what better way to do that than playing some games together? Steam is looking to further improve your gaming experience, both solo and with friends, with upgrades for both its Remote Play Together and Link features.

Games are for everyone

Remote Play Together lets you stream local multiplayer games to your mates online. It used to only work if both you and your mate had a Steam account. Not so anymore! Now all your friends need is the Steam Link app and then you’ll be able to stream the game to them even if they’re account-less.

The feature is currently in beta, and doesn’t work universally yet. Not every game supports Remote Play Together, so make sure to filter for appropriate multiplayer titles if you want to make use of the feature.

To use Remote Play Together with someone sans account, break out the Steam overlay while playing something that supports the feature, head to your friends list, and click “Copy Link”, then send it off to your mates.

Stream Steam anytime, anywhere

Valve has also come out with a Linux version of Steam Link, which is a streaming feature for Steam that lets you run games on your computer and stream them to another device on the same local network. With a Linux version, you can now stream to devices running on Linux. Which is neat.

Originally the app was only available on Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi platforms You can download the Linux version via this community post here.

Source: The Verge




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