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A new twist on an old classic: All aboard the Snakeybus

What happens when you combine Bus Simulator 18 with classic mobile game Snake? We'd like to think that you'd wind up with something like Snakeybus, a game so delightfully bonkers that we can't stop watching the trailer. We suspect that we probably wouldn't be able to stop watching someone play thing one. And as for playing it ourselves... headsplosion. 

Scantily-clad Kill la Kill fighting game on the way

One of the better-known anime of recent years, Kill la Kill, is being transformed into a game. Get your hands on half a pair of scissors and find your most scandalous outfit, because Ryuku and Satsuki will both be playable in the upcoming title. Dragon Ball FighterZ publisher Arc System Works has announced Kill la Kill The Game IF. It looks like a 3D arcade-style experience based in the weird and ...[Read More]

Soon you’ll be able to stream Steam games from PC to smartphone

Steam is an amazing invention, a cloud-based library of games for us to all buy (on special, naturally) and then never install, play, or look at again. After all the saying does go: He who dies with the most unplayed Steam games wins. But some people must use the service for more than just playing DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 and those folks will be pleased with the changes coming to Steam Link. Ste...[Read More]

Paladins has released its own battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

After the hype around PUBG, many developers have followed the same trend of battle royale game modes going into 2018. Paladins, the free-to-play console game has released its own massive-online last-man-standing Paladins: Battlegrounds game mode with the latest update to the title. The OB66 update  is available today. At launch it’s in “alpha stage”, which really just means the c...[Read More]

Light Start – Self-driving Samsung, drag-racing tricycles, Steam records, and 3D model selfies

Samsung is dumping more than $300 million into developing autonomous driving technology The old joke goes: “Microsoft will never develop a car based on Windows because then it’d crash all the time”, but what if Samsung does it? It’ll be made from glass and the occasional model will explode? Probably not, but we might have to think about Samsung one day releasing a vehicle o...[Read More]

Steam Summer Sale 2017: the discount games you need to buy

Ah, the Steam Summer Sale. A way for South Africans to get a slight taste of Northern Hemisphere summers, even while we freeze our collective bits off in our local winter. We still call it the Summer Sale, because reasons. It’s back, running until the 5th of July, and once more Valve’s digital gaming store is filled with huge reductions on thousands of titles. Whether your interactive tastes run t...[Read More]

Bayonetta launches (at freaking last) for PC on Steam

Bayonetta has finally launched on the PC (about seven years late, but we’ll take it.) In case you’ve been living under a rock since 2010, Bayonetta is a video game. About a witch. An amnesiac witch who controls four guns (two in her hands and two in her shoes) and commands magic. Magic which is manifested by her hair, and her hair also magically makes up her clothing so particularly po...[Read More]

Light Start – Supercomputers, big sound, Steam’s Summer Sale, and Huawei has an OS

The world’s fastest computer is a 10-million core monster created by China China has held the title of world’s fastest computer for some time now so that country holding the title shouldn’t be news. Except when it is. The previous record-holder was a Chinese computer named Tianhe-2, which has a speed of 33.9 petaflop/s. A new computer, also made in China, called Sunway TaihuLight...[Read More]

Light Start: Zotac’s portable VR, streaming Steam, Romero and Carmack, and Technomancer

Zotac has a portable VR-powering backpack PC, because why the hell not? Consider this a prediction: It’s only going to get more portable from here on out. Computer hardware manufacturer Zotac has revealed that they’re working on a VR-ready PC. Unlike the weighty desktops that we can expect to be powering the Oculus and HTC Vive, Zotac’s setup puts one of their ZBOX PCs into a bac...[Read More]

Rollcage returns (in spirit) – Grip hits Steam early access

Rockets at the ready – Grip, the spiritual successor to PS1 racing classic Rollcage, just left the pit lane. Rollcage was a breath of fresh air after four WipeOut games, with gravity-defying cars that had massive wheels for driving on walls and ceilings. Stage II had some of the best car combat on the PlayStation too. Grip takes all that and updates it for 2016, with Unreal Engine 4 providin...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Honda S2000, Steam removals, and a 3D hologram

Honda are supposedly bringing back the S2000, with a successor in development If you’ve been after a new Honda roadster then there may be some good news headed your way. The company is said to be resurrecting their S2000 two-seater, based on an apparent visit by Honda reps to an S2000 owner’s meeting in the UK. It’s mostly speculation at the moment but there’s talk of Honda...[Read More]

Light Start – Drone explosion, Steam sale, virtual Malaysia, pyramids and Tesla in India

A drone explosion is one way of mitigating avalanches We have the sorts of drones that fly around capturing video and then we have the kind that make things go boom. Well, the military does. They don’t trust us with explosives, it seems. But combining a camera drone with dynamite might help resorts to prevent avalanches, by setting off snow movement when no-one’s in the way by using a ...[Read More]

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